Our New R&D Farm

We interviewed with İbrahim Öztürk, Technical Director of Technology Department on our new R&D farm.

İbrahim Bey, please tell us about the new farm.

It is an R & D operation of the CP which we started with our 238 head heifers imported from Germany. The milking capacity of our enterprise is 240 heads, and the milking shed capacity is 480 head. We will have 240 animals here. We have a delivery room, infirmary, young animal, small animal stables.

What did you pay attention to when setting up the farm?

We did everything we needed here to figure out how a milking operation should be. We built 40 fan systems, 240 sprinkler systems in the milk barn to fight with summer heat stress. Because hot-stress is a very big health problem for animals and at the same time it causes yield problem.

What is the purpose of establishing the R & D farm?

Our goal is to contribute to the animal husbandry of the country, prove the importance of the quality of animal feed, the health of the animal feet in milk production. Our country’s investors are building beautiful farms, they buy very good quality animals, but they are trying to get the poor quality and cheaper clover, feed which is not proper way in terms of animal husbandry. If you want to do something properly, you have to use the best of everything; best bedding, best fan system, best parlor system, best clovers, best silage, best genetics, best feed and best management. When they come together we can reach maximum milk production. We tried our best to accomplish and i hope we succeeded. We hope, we will be able to benefit the animal husbandry especially in the region and contribute to our country.