CP, as a firm that has provided full integration, make production in accordance with the production standards in developed countries and manages all processes meticulously in breeding chickens, producing feeds and delivering them to consumers.

Broiler Breeder Chick Production

Over the years, imrovement studies have resulted in the highest breeding of the race of chickens with the highest meat yield and rapid development characteristics, and breeds that are used today in broiler breeding have been obtained.

Broiler chicks are able to reach 2-2.5 kg live weight by completing their development in 42 days if their nutritional needs met adequately and balanced and they are housed in hygienic poultry environments with temperature and ventilation control.

As a firm that has provided full integration, CP make production on conditions that comply with production standards in developed countries and strictly manages all processes up to breeding chickens, producing feeds and delivering them to consumers.

Breeding chicks used in CP Turkey integration are obtained from CP grand parents farms only. These breeding chicks, which are subjected to continuous health checks, are fed with the best quality CP Feed (natural cereals such as corn, soy, vitamins and minerals) in special hygienic conditions under the supervision of specialist veterinarians in special farms providing optimum temperature and ventilation conditions. After the checks are performed, every flock is given health certificate by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. After 22-24 weeks, these flocks start to give hatching eggs for broiler chickens. From these eggs, broiler chickens are obtained at the end of 21st days incubation period.

Broiler chickens are fed with feed produced by CP on the contracted CP breeding farms for 40 to 42 days in accordance with the feeding law. During this period, CP veterinarians monitor the health, hygiene and living conditions of the animals through periodic visits to the farms. After 42 days, the chickens reaching 2.5 kg are transported to the slaughterhouses.

Layer Chick Production

CP Turkey has been producing egg-oriented chick since 2004. At present, there are 110,000 egg-laying chickens at different ages in breeding farms. An average of 10 million layer chicks are produced annually at high quality, some of which are used in CP contracted farms, some of which are sold as commercial pullets and as chicks.

Chick and pullet marketing is done by a technical service group consisting of specialist agricultural engineer and veterinarians.