Working in CP Turkey

As CPF; We focus on creating and developing professionals

We are focused on improving our employees in order to be professional and work more effectively. CPF keeps pace with emerging technologies in the world and Thailand, preparing business operations for rapid growth.

CP Human Resources in Turkey is the most important factor that not only adds value to the company, but also ensures the company's continuous development. When you join, you will strengthen your skills and potential with continuous training. Our employees at every level will have the opportunity to develop their talents.

Our employees receive training support starting from the very first day of their work. This training process continues throughout the careers, although it differs according to the tasks and responsibilities of the people. As CP Turkey, we also provide participation in Leadership Development Training and Evaluation Programs, as well as Mentoring and Coaching programs, where employees can receive feedback based on their competencies in order to support the development of our future leaders. E-learning modules, online magazines and book summaries or guest speakers are just some of the development alternatives that CP Türkiye offers to the employees.

Salary and Benefits

CPF is committed to providing excellent business performance.

To achieve this ideality, the CPF has an employee-based rewarding system as well as organizational, step-wise wage and benefits. The wages of the employees must be distributed fairly in accordance with market conditions.

CP Turkey Code of Conduct and Ethics

CP Turkey behaves equally to all family members regardless of race, language, color, faith, political thought and gender.

Performance Management

The Performance Management System is used to direct our employees towards company goals, to help them to accomplish what is expected from them, and to get feedback in this direction and to determine their development areas. For this purpose; The performances of our employees are evaluated with a system based on target and competence. Our performance management system aims to improve the competencies that each employee has contributed and possessed to CP Turkey.