Our Human Resources Approach

As CP Turkey, we regard our employees as our most valuable source. In other words, our employees are treated as "Human Capital" by our company; It is seen as a need to constantly invest in both companies and employees to ensure they add value to themself.

With the motto "Our most valuable assets are our employees", we care that all our employees work in a healthy, happy and secure business environment.

We believe that success is possible not only through the efforts of a single person, but by the common efforts of all employees towards a common goal in a system and by teamwork and the acquired achievement brings desire to do better.

We believe that being a successful company, giving pride and happiness to its employees, maintaining its long-term profitability and presence in a competitive environment is possible with leaders who effectively and efficiently manage their teams. We invite you to a working environment that develops its employees in all aspects, motivates and leads to the success.

As CP Turkey, we employ around 1700 people including white-collar and blue-collar workers.

Our employees consist of %40 women and %60 men.

In the feed and chicken sector, we are one of the three preferred employers in the Turkish labor market.

CP group manufactures 6 feed plants, breeding farms, hatcheries, slaughterhouse and distributes the products prepared in accordance with quality standards to the consumption points throughout the country in the cold chain.

CP Turkey Human Resources is obliged to reduce corporate targets to individual targets in order to support CP Turkey in the path to reach to corporate goals effectively and efficiently.