Our Core Values

CP Group works for the benefit of people, countries and companies in line with it's fundamental philosophy "3 Benefits to Sustainability".

CPF Values are the values that all of our employees must have in order to realize our vision of being "The Kitchen of the World" with sustainable and tangible business growth by providing the safest, highest quality food products that meet the needs of customers worldwide.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable food company that works professionally in order to satisfy the needs of our market and customers and to increase the quality of life by social responsibility consciousness with our wide range of products with high quality and high nutritional value.

Our Mission

To be a pioneer organization in creating healthy consumption habits by offering high quality and reliable products that will satisfy people’s need of protein.

Three Benefits for Sustainability

Sürdürülebilirlik için üç fayda

We do business with the responsibility of providing benefits to the countries and we carry out social activities accordingly. We all start to work with the aim of being good citizens, a good family and a good organization, for this is the easiest way to provide benefit to countries, people, society and the companies at the same time.

Some of Our Activities

CPF Innovation Competition Rewards

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