CP Turkey has been operating in the retail sector in Turkey since 1992.

CP Shop

CP Turkey has stepped into food retailing with the first "CP Shop" that it opened in Inegol in 1992.

Since 1994, the number of "CP Shops" which have been rapidly opened in Turkey is around 130 by December 2016.

Situated as mini shops, CP Shops brings consumers fresh products of CP fresh chicken meat, further processed products and eggs, as well as other reliable brands.

CP Shops continues to offer good service and reliable products to more than 20 cities in Turkey.

CP Chef Shop (CP Şef)

At the beginning of 2014, CP Turkey started to work on a new "convenience store" model.

As a result of the market research, the model named as "CP Chef Shop" aimed to meet the customers' daily purchases.

The researches show that the consumer, whom the target group of CP Chef Shops, carries out daily shopping every two to three days, and pays great attention to price, product variety, closeness and hygienic shopping environments.

CP Chef Shop has been designed as a concept that CP can offer "convenience in daily kitchen shopping" to its target consumers which has a wide range of products with different national and international brands as well as its own products.

A consumer who makes daily purchases from the Chef Shop can prepare a full meal for the family for dinner. Consumers also can give different tastes to their chicken dishes with our variety of sauces, can find canned vegetables and pulses to be served as garnish, try local soup options and complete their table with different drinks alternatives.