Integrated Chicken Meat Production

Broiler chickens are fed with feed produced by CP on the contracted CP breeding farms for 40 to 42 days in accordance with the feeding law. During this period, CP veterinarians monitor the health, hygiene and living conditions of the animals through periodic visits to the farms. After 42 days, the chickens reaching 2.5 kg are transported to the slaughterhouses.

Information on whether medicines, antibiotic residues and infectious diseases (salmonella and avian influenza / avian influenza) are present in broiler chickens is reported in maximum 72 hours before the cutting process. These reports are also checked by the veterinarian of the slaughterhouse and the state veterinarian of the Directorate of Agriculture, and cutting process is performed in accordance with animal welfare rules.

From the beginning to the end of the cutting process;

are performed in accordance with the minimum technical and hygienic conditions determined by our Ministry, and the rules and methods of food safety management systems.

While performing the cutting process the latest technology equipments are used in a physically seperated cutting and product preparation areas, and chilled chicks are cooled to the required temperature in air cooling tunnels. During the entire process from the beginning to the end of the cutting process, drinking water quality water is used and no chemicals are used throughout the production.