Farm to Table

CP Turkey continues to make fully integrated production with the slogan "From Farm to Table".

Full Integration


CP Group, the world's largest feed producer with 27.5 million tons of feed production per annum, started its activities in Turkey by establishing the first feed factory in İnegöl in 1986.
CP Feed is serving in 6 strategic regions which established in relation with its feed mill locations of Hayrabolu, Hendek, İnegöl, Turgutlu, Ankara, Tarsus. In addition to the sales team, CP Feed carries out sales and after-sales services to each region with its expert technical support team. This experienced staff provides technical support to our customers by giving seminars on animal breeding and nutrition, business management, animal health, farm-based analysis and efficient feeding methods, as well as traditional animal breeding for many years in the country, by considering increasing race import practice, changing conditions and economic expectations.

Broiler / Layer Chick Production

CP, as a firm that has provided full integration, make production in accordance with the production standards in developed countries and manages all processes meticulously in breeding chickens, producing feeds and delivering them to consumers.
Breeding chicks used in CP Turkey integration are obtained from CP grand parents farms only. In addition to breeding chicks, CP Turkey has also been making egg-oriented chick production and sales since 2004.

Food Production

In addition to integrated chicken meat, CP Turkey also produces practical products, delicatessen and table egg.
Broiler chickens are fed with feed produced by CP on the contracted CP breeding farms for 40 to 42 days in accordance with the feeding law. During this period, CP veterinarians monitor the health, hygiene and living conditions of the animals through periodic visits to the farms. After 42 days, the chickens reaching 2.5 kg are transported to the slaughterhouses.

Information on whether medicines, antibiotic residues and infectious diseases (salmonella and avian influenza / avian influenza) are present in broiler chickens is reported in maximum 72 hours before the cutting process. These reports are also checked by the veterinarian of the slaughterhouse and the state veterinarian of the Directorate of Agriculture, and cutting process is performed in accordance with animal welfare rules.


CP Turkey has been operating in the retail sector in Turkey since 1992.
CP Shops continues to offer good service and reliable products to more than 20 cities in Turkey.